A Huge Backlog of Recent Projects!

I have to get better at posting my work in a timely fashion! I'm going to work backwards, starting with IMATS NYC, Battle of the Brushes. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside some of the most talented student and recent graduate artists I've ever met. 

The theme was "Oz" since the new Wizard of Oz movie had come out, and the judges were the makeup design team from the movie, which was exciting and also wildly intimidating. 

Based on the theme, I chose to design a china doll character, since the china people appear in the books and also the recent movie. My character was played briliantly by Caroline Martin, who you might recognize in my portfolio as the grizzled pirate and the Octopus lady.

IMATS China Doll.jpg

Body Painting for Video Games!

I got to be a part of an event that included independent video game exhibitions, music, whiskey, and a body painting! Tash Kouri (http://www.tashkouri.com) and I joined forces to sponge and airbrush paint two models. Tash provided amazing stencils, and we switched models every 15 minutes to build on each other work, essentially the freestyle jazz of body painting.

2013-03-31 21.48.18.jpg
2013-03-31 21.51.00.jpg

Haute Trader Shoot!

I got to work with the lovely people over at http://hautetrader.com/ for their launch video. The models were delightful and I got to do some lovely beauty work!

2013-03-19 13.51.09.jpg
2013-03-19 19.46.07.jpg
2013-02-23 17.55.26.jpg

I also got the chance to work on a feature film which combined special effects and beauty. The actress in this scene required sultry smokey eyes and red lips, and a black eye.

2013-02-23 11.20.05.jpg
2013-04-07 14.40.44.jpg