Makeup Education Workshops

Students of any art form need tools and information about every facet of their craft to help them reach their full potential. My workshops seek to enhance theatrical and film programs by offering students access to specialized techniques and concepts of makeup artistry. My education and work experience in both film and theatre benefits students by giving them immediately applicable knowledge that can be applied to any visual medium. Designing and executing makeup ideas enrich art students of every type, and help diversify skill sets for a competitive market.


The Theatre and Film Makeup curriculums are broken down into modules, that can be mixed and matched to tailor workshops to the needs of a particular student body. I will work with educators to find the subjects and schedule that will benefit students most.

Theater Students: Stage Makeup

Today’s theater students need tool to reliably execute their own makeup for various productions--from natural looks in proscenium theaters, to character makeups for intimate, black boxes in the round. These workshop modules emphasize new products and techniques, while including traditional applications to better equip students for working in a rapidly changing theatrical climate. Students will learn how to select makeup for their venue, how to work with their director and other departments to best execute a makeup design, how to care for their tools and products, and more.

Module Examples

Basic Makeup Foundations

Basic Character Makeup

Fantasy Makeup

Basic Special Effects for the Stage

Advanced Makeup Techniques for the Stage

Film Students: Makeup for Filmmakers

Makeup can sometimes be an overlooked department on a film set, as newer filmmakers sometimes don’t consider how a character’s makeup can enhance the film. These modules give emerging  filmmakers tools to enhance their work by fully integrating makeup concepts into their film, helping create cohesive and fully realized work. Students will learn how lighting can change and manipulate a makeup look, how to hire a makeup artist, how to consider budget requirements for the makeup they want, and more.

Module Examples

   Camera Ready Makeup for Acting Students

Basic Makeup Concepts for Filmmakers

An Intro to Practical Makeup FX On Camera

Getting Hands On: Making Zombies on a Budget

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Students at Coe College, in Cedar Rapids, IA, apply fantasy and SFX looks in a Stage Makeup Workshop.